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Project Description

Ultimo is one of the UK's leading lingerie brands, owned by Michelle Mone. Jaz designed a range of hanger collars which included Adore Moi (30+), Diamond Boutique's (18+) Kiss, Miracle (General range) and Icon world's first boob-lift bra. The aim of Icon was to convey a futuristic feel due to the new technology hidden within the bra. On the hanger collar and retail tag, Jaz designed a magenta logo and a spot UV varnished background to highlight the stars and convey the feel of outer space. The challenge was to maintain this look without looking to 'sci-fi' or masculine and keeping the feminine look and feel needed for the retail shop floor. 

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Kelly Brook was the face of the company in 2010, having been photographed by GQ's Simon Emmett, as the company wanted to move away from a Commercial to a more editorial look and feel.  Jaz worked with these images on the design and layout of the Spring Summer 2010 catalogue,  magazine adverts, and e-mails as well as the photo-retouching of images used on the Ultimo website.

Additional Projects
  • Balmule House
    Balmule House
    Website designed to portray Balmule House as a multi-purpose venue for weddings and events.
  • Ultimo Packaging
    Ultimo Lingerie
    Ultimo is one of the UK's Leading lingerie brands owned by Michelle Mone. Jaz created a range of hanger collars which included the new brand Icon.
  • DVD Print
    Edinburgh Inspiring Capital: The CIB Award Winning DVD
    Jaz was responsible for designing the Litho printed packaging which was distributed at the launch event and sent to overseas customers.
  • Nickelodeon Packaging
    Jaz loved working on these Spongebob Squarepants headphone designs as it's a household name around the globe...
  • Colpitts 3-d print
    Jaz worked inhouse for Colpitts, a corporate travel and event company, and during this time designed banners and brochures for a London travel event along with the full range of marketing collateral.
  • Hello Kitty Packaging
    Hello Kitty
    This project involved creating an extensive range of  consumer packaging designs for electronics.
  • OJPT Website
    OJPT / In and Out Fitness
    The main objective for the website and marketing collateral was to combine the 2 brands by clearly signposting each Gym's unique offerings whilst creating a friendly, approachable style and visual narrative.
  • Wilson Plumbing Logo
    Wilson Plumbing and Heating
    Creating a logo that reflected the central heating system and pipes, Jaz then applied the logo, to the company’s fleet of vans, uniforms, website, document templates and business cards.
  • Amber Nectar Whiskies
    Amber Nectar Whiskies
    Designing a logo and brand design for banners, flyers, website and business cards for events.
  • Entrusted Group
    Entrusted Group
    Designing brochures and print marketing collateral for specialised business consultants within the public and private sectors, including the NHS, local government and SME’s.
  • EQ Branding
    Equilibrium Travel Management (EQ)
    Logo creation, branding and website design for a start-up corporate travel business within Dunfermline.
  • Fit the Ocasion Logo
    Fit the Occasion
    New corporate ID design for a lifestyle brand in Glasgow.
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